Dating in 2018: Be Too Proud To Beg

O.K….here we go….hard truth, my friends….

You know that song “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg” by TLC? I know, it’s old….like 1991 old(some of you not even born yet) BUT…it was a song about not being too proud to beg for sex….o.k….I don’t know WHO those ladies were hanging out with??…I really don’t know…..but with most men, you NEVER have to beg for sex….OR…my point being here…..

NEVER beg to hang out with/be with a man!

If you have to beg to hang out with him….it’s not a great start to the relationship. Once again, men are SIMPLE creatures(we are the beautifully complex ones 😉

They are like cavemen:

They like, they must have……SIMPLE.

They don’t like, they ignore. Ignore…bad. Get it?

And if they are bored…they might play games with you and lead you on…but, you are smart, you can see through that…right??!?!

Well, if you can’t here are the telltale signs he’s playing with you and not that serious about you:

#1-He’s Always Too Busy: We are all busy. But you cannot tell me that out of the 24 hrs, 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds in a day…he can’t call or text you? I mean…come on. That means he’s not thinking of you….and that’s a problem. And I’m not saying if you JUST started dating this person that they need to contact you every, single day…no…not at all. I’m just saying that if a week goes by and his excuse is…”he was busy”…well then, that’s not the type of relationship I want…that’s convenient….no thank you. Be a priority NOT a convenience.

#2-He Never Asks You Out On A Date: (in public, not at his house to chill): Don’t be a booty call(unless you want to…if you want to…go for it and that’s all you’ll ever be) BUT…. if you want an actual relationship, don’t do it. Even if you are tempted because you like him. Do you know how many women will just drop whatever they are doing and go over to a man’s place at 11pm? Too many these days. Be different. Be “hard to get”….because you ARE hard to get. You deserve respect. And guys do that to see what they can get away with…I’m telling you…it’s a test. And if you are “booty call” material…that’s the spot he will put you in…if you are “ask me out for dinner and respect me” material, then he knows you’re not easy and possible marriage material.

#3-He Only Texts You: Yes, I know texting is how most of us communicate these days…and most of the time, it’s fine for simple questions and such. But if he NEVER calls you…that’s weird. Communication is THE most important part of a relationship…and if he can’t do that…even if it’s a quick call….then he’s not seeing you as a potential girlfriend/wife.

#4-You Haven’t Met Any Of His Friends: And this is a big one ladies…if he doesn’t introduce you to his friends within the first 3 months(and that’s being extremely generous)..then peace out. And I am serious. There are 2 types of categories in mens’ minds: play material and wife material. If you want to play…then play away…have fun…but do not expect anything in return. And I’m not saying, let him decide. If he doesn’t introduce you to friends within 3 months…get out! Simple. You are in charge. You have to understand what type of relationship you are dealing with. Now, if you see him as a possible husband and he sees you as a possible wife….nothing will get in his way and he will be proud to introduce you to friends, family, etc. And vice versa…you will want to do the same.

#5-He Doesn’t Talk About The Future With You: I’m not talking about marriage within the first 3 months but I am talking about future trips, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc…If you’ve been dating him since June…and it’s November and he’s talking about Christmas without including you…not a good sign..sorry. 6 months is long enough to know if you are “boyfriend/girlfriend.” And if by 6 months you are not, move on. Seriously. You don’t have time to waste on someone that has a fear of commitment. Move on….then watch his reaction. He will be dumbfounded. And probably BEG YOU back. If he does, you can consider it. If he doesn’t…then congratulations…you just won not having to continue a dead-end relationship! Either way…you WIN!

So…those are 5 simple signs NOT to beg for a man’s attention. You NEVER should. When he is the one for you, he will not be able to stop thinking about you. You will feel the same about him. And it will not be super difficult….that’s the truth!

Any questions?? I’m here for you…leave them in the comments section or DM me on Instagram

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