The Art Of The Asshole

Ahh yes...The Man, The Myth, The Asshole. You know him. Heck, you probably dated him(longer than you should have)...I know I have...and today, I'm actually going to thank all of The Assholes that I have dated over the years...if not for them...I would not be where I am today(happily married to a Non-Asshole). I'm actually … Continue reading The Art Of The Asshole

Dating in 2018: Be Too Proud To Beg we go....hard truth, my friends.... You know that song "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" by TLC? I know, it's 1991 old(some of you not even born yet) was a song about not being too proud to beg for sex....o.k....I don't know WHO those ladies were hanging out with??...I really don't know.....but with … Continue reading Dating in 2018: Be Too Proud To Beg

Blind Date: “And Then He Took His Teeth Out”

True story...... Now, let me explain.... Ahhhh blind dates. I actually don't mind them. It's exciting. It's new. And heck, it's better than me sitting and finishing a bottle of Whispering Angel (the BEST Rose) by myself while watching the Bachelorette (even though, in my book, that is a pretty good night). Now...getting set up … Continue reading Blind Date: “And Then He Took His Teeth Out”